This Christmas...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

 We ate. A lot. 
Hello 7 pounds!

 Saw some Christmas lights on Peacock lane. 
In order to live on this street you have to agree to deck your house out each year! 

 Ate some more. 
 This pizza was the most delicious thing. Oh Claim jumper why aren't you in Utah?

 Gave some cool gifts. 

Celebrated our first Christmas. 

 Saw even more lights. 

 Got a new family member.
Little miss Lola Berry.
My dad and I adopted her from a cat shelter in Portland and she is just the sweetest thing alive.
I was so sad to have to leave her!
I have never met a cat that just wants to be cuddled and loved as much as her. 
I'm going to be a crazy cat lady and that is all there is to it.

Journaled like mad dogs. 

 And spent the whole week in matching pajamas.

Isn't my family cute?! 
Michael and I were super lucky because we got to spent Christmas with both of our families. 
His parents flew over from Denmark to be with us in Portland during Christmas. 
How was your Christmas?


  1. today i walked by a house with a big front window, and there was one of those giant cat house/playground things...the ones made with carpet that has ramps and little cubbies, etc. Anyway. total cat lady.

  2. i'm so happy hilary duff was linked to this. what a good song. what a good movie. oh disney.