Fur and Paris.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

If you haven't already, meet the fur vest.
Vest, this is everyone.
It's one of my favorite improvements for any outfit--that or feathers.

This morning I got a text from Harley that said,
I have the smallest of gifts for you today.
She came to my work, and we sat at my desk eating a calzone and giggling about funny emails before she pulled this out of her bag:
I never would have imagined a travel size Paris could be exactly what I needed today.
She even colored red hair on one for me, wrote Prince Charming on another, made one into my sister, and made the last two her and her husband so we could all be in the City of Love together.
I might just have the best friend in the world...


  1. 1. Love the vest. Fur is divine. end of story.

    2. Paris..yes, please! How cute is that little travel size..I need that in my life.

    3. I'm loving the blog, so darn cute!


  2. That tiny Paris is so adorable!. And I love your vest.