Dear people...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

dear husband,
i love it when you drive me to school in the morning.

dear self,
you really need to go to bed early. these late nights are making you act like an old woman.

dear wednesday,
i like you. that means that my weeks is almost at the end!

dear game of thrones,
as much as i hate to admit it, i love you.

dear house,
it would be sure nice if you could clean yourself.

dear groceries,
please get in my fridge,

dear thai food, dennys, and taco bell,
thank you for feeding my starving husband the last couple of days

dear career fair,
you were in my ever so humble opinion, a complete bust!

dear sherlock holmes bbc series.
YOU ROCK my sock all the way off.

Dear twitter,
you fun.

dear lola,
i miss you.

dear zumba,
I am sorry that i haven't been able to hang out with you this week. i'll be there tonight.

Dear sickness,
thanks for leaving! you won't be missed.

dear winter,
snow? hmph.

These little notes are a brief recap of my last few days which have been crazy to say the least. how are you guys doing? I feel like being sick is a staple in January and February. lets make some homemade soup.



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