Fall Travel: According to the iPhone

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

 New York Pizza! Did I tell you we went to NY? Cause we totally did. More on that later.

 Oh Idaho your lovely during the summer. 

CHIPOTLE. Bless you Portland. Bless you.
Spike our road trip side kick. 

In New York!

And the search for the best burger continues. 

These trees were legitimately creepy. Who plants a forest in a straight line? WHO?

In Idaho at the coolest gas station in the world. Can you say alpaca?

And that is what we have been up to this fall. 
Have you gone anywhere exciting?


  1. Love your glasses. And the m&m statue of liberty. :)

  2. "Who plants a forest in a straight line? WHO?" hahaha you're so great.

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