And Harley gets dressed!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oh hey. 

Glasses: Costco, Necklace: Macy's, Shirt: H&M, Skit: Thrifted, Boots: Ummm... Cheap store in mall?

It's been a while right?
Life is literally INSANE RIGHT NOW. 
My to do list is as follows:
{remember this is my to do list... not yours... don't have a panic attack}

1. Catch up on piles of Danish HW
2. Take Head shots
3. Create a new and innovative product for The Body Shop
4. Create advertising for new said product
5. Impress a BUNCH of L'Oreal big wigs
6. Write a Comms 360 paper
7. Takes a Comms 360 Mid Term
8. Take a Danish Mid term
9. Run statistical analysis on dating data 
10. Meet with team and discuss internet start up capabilities
11. Create a presentation on Huggies
12. Clean the house??????
11. Read two chapters for my management class
12. Make 5 hair pieces. 
13. Practice song for voice lessons
14. Finish Wedding Thank you's
15. Pick up those blasted pictures from Costco. 
16. Get new drivers license. 
17. Figure out what is wrong with the mail.

And now I am going to stop. 
Cause my brain hurtssssssss. 
And it all have to be done in the next 5 days. 
I am stressed. 
I can't do it. 
And I get to see my family next week! Waaahooooo!

How are you guys doing this week?
Mid-term/holiday crunch time hitting you too or am I the only one?

Sweet Serendipity

{gossip girl}

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