Harry Potter Bookclub

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's been too long since I've spent any time with Harry.

I decided to reread the series. One right after the other, and then watch all the movies {after each book, or all at the end, what do you think?}. I'm racing a friend through them {each as a separate race, just to add some excitement}, and Harley decided to do it with us.

Anyone else missing Hogwarts and charming adventure enough to join us? Comment below if you want to be a part of our Harry Potter Bookclub.

Get out your copy of The Sorcerer's Stone quick --
the party starts now!


  1. I probably won't watch the first two movies, but I'll do all the rest.

  2. watch the movies after you finish each corresponding book. Break it up a little bit. :)

    consider me part of the Harry Potter book club! I'm grabbing my old copy down right now.