getting lost for a day.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I read this beautiful article on Hello Giggles a while ago, and I think I'll take her advice:

"If I could beg every young woman (without sounding like I’m giving a valedictorian speech) to do one thing, it would be to go somewhere alone. It doesn’t have to be South America or a kibbutz in Israel or the Peace Corps. Buy a bus ticket, hop in the car, jump on the train and get off at a place that is at least an hour from where you live. Talk to a stranger, take them for coffee, wander around and buy yourself a souvenir. Get lost for a day. Please don’t take a self-portrait picture of yourself to later put on Facebook so that you can show people how adventurous you are, if you can help it. This precious moment is yours and yours alone and for once something belongs to no one else but you."

I'm planning a secret trip -- hopefully soon before it gets cold. Doesn't it sound wonderful? Escape to a lovely place with only the unfamiliar as a companion...

mmm yes.


  1. i love this. love love love. i'm doing it.

  2. This is a great idea. I like the idea of getting on a bus and having it take you to the end of the line to discover what's there. Nice.

  3. I am reblogging this... because I think this is wonderful. yes yes yes.