Book Review: Her Fearful Symmetry

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Just finished this book on CD.

Twin sisters, Valentina and Julia, move into their aunt's estate in London after her death. {The aunt and their mother are also twins.} They soon feel Aunt Elspeth's presence and realize she is still lingering as a ghost, not yet fully gone to the other side. Valentina is able to communicate with her aunt; they tell stories and learn about each other since they never met while Elspeth was alive.
Valentina eventually grows tired of being bossed around by her twin, so she conceives a plan to escape her life as she knows it: Elspeth will snatch Valentina's soul out of her, everyone will think she died so they'll have a funeral for her, then Elspeth will put her soul back into her body, and Valentina can go on living.
It's an absurd idea...right?

Valentina's plan is more ridiculous than Romeo and Juliet's, but that doesn't stop them.
Some language.
A little creepy {if ghosts are a con}.
I didn't care much for any of the main characters, except for an endearingly OCD man who lives above them.
The "heroine" is a weakling. Seriously.

I didn't want to stop listening {aka couldn't put it down}.
Well written.
Takes place in Europe.
There's a little bit of a love story.
For the most part, unpredictable.


  1. great review- i enjoyed this book- here is the review i wrote:

  2. I've never read it, but I've always wondered. Thanks for the review :)

    Also, I gave you ladies a little blog award today! Hope you check it out.

  3. I read the time traveler's wife, and I really liked that (language and graphic sexuality aside). Not sure if soul snatching is up my alley