To Do List...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

1. Get organized
2. Study for my 3 exams this week
3. Remind my husband to brush his teeth
4. Do all of my HW.
{you're lucky this is condensed. if you saw the list of hw you might die.}
5. Buy a kitchen table.
6. finish the frame wall. {this is so cute.}
7. Mail my little brother his cell phone charger.
8. Create a million google docs.
9. Survive BYU football season.
10. Eat healthier.

And that is why my brain won't let me sleep at the moment.
I bought a cute outfit today and I am going to wear it tomorrow.
Maybe I'll take pictures.


p.s. Brissa you will be missed. Come back soon!


  1. Do you have any good ideas about number 9?

  2. To-do lists are what I do when I want to feel like I've accomplished something and am mature and organized and with-it.... without actually doing anything.

    I hope you're feeling on top of things and, unlike me, getting things done!

  3. whhhat?!
    (this is when i get awkward..ugh).
    thanks. i don't know if it counts for anything, but i've missed harley and jane too. hence my creepy commenting streak. i promise i'll stop soon.