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Friday, August 19, 2011

My journal is my baby. Ask Har if you don't believe me. We really learned how to keep journals last year in Vienna when our lovely professor, Louise Plummer, had us keep travel journals. Since then we've become obsessive about our Moleskines and filled up more than anyone probably cares to read. I wrote an article that was published in the Deseret News a few weeks ago about keeping a journal, and I thought I'd share the basics with you.

Here's how to make it fun:

{1} Don't limit yourself with rules. Let your journal have flaws.

{2} Occasionally write detailed entries about a funny conversation or something beautiful -- details are the "dessert" of your journal.

{3} Also write entries that are more broad. They're important in showing a general idea of daily life.

{4} Be honest. Let your real personality flow through the pages. Don't hide.

{5} Make it scrappy. Glue things in {ticket stubs, fortune cookie fortunes, photos, notes from friends}, use colorful pens, have you siblings or cousins draw pictures in it. I keep everything in my journal -- I draw calendars, write to do lists and shopping lists...whatever I feel like sticking in there.

Read the original article here if you'd like!


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  1. YOU ARE SO AWESOME. Congrats on getting published my love!

  2. Great post! I've neglected my journal lately, but your article inspired me!

  3. every time I go a little crazy with my journal, I think of you! You inspire me. :)

  4. You even got ME to write in my journal. Brava!