Sunday, August 14, 2011

It has been awhile...
My husband {eeeeek!} just left me alone in the airport in search of food.
We are in Barcelona at the moment. 
This airport doesn't have chairs. 
Waiting for our flight back to Copenhagen, DK. 
We have been here since 10 am and our flight doesn't leave until 7 pm.
I had a few snacks. 
Ok I had cookies.
But he decided we needed something with nutritional value.
And some water. 
We paid 10 euros for 24 hours worth of internet. 
Best. Decision. Ever. 
We have been downloading episodes of the west wing and watching them. 

These past few weeks have been a blur.
 I can't wait to share my wedding and honeymoon.
 It was beyond magical. 

ok he is back. 
and feeding me french fries.
nutrition... what?

Here are a few photos. 



  1. i'm so pleased to hear that your exotic life is going well. and i'm glad michael feeds you delicious and unhealthy things.

    and i miss you. :)

  2. oh my gosh! your wedding looks so cute! i love the decor and you look gorgeous!

  3. aaaaaahhhhhh!! i've been waiting to hear from you!! i can't wait to hear all about your wedding and see pictures. these ones are killing me! i need to see more!!!! have so much fun!

  4. So exciting! Isn't it wonderful being able to call him your husband, finally? :)

    Gorgeous photos. Can't wait to see more!

  5. you look like a rockstar!!! i love these pictures!