Belize {Part II}

Monday, August 8, 2011

This is what we could see from our rooftop. Isn't it lovely?
The palm trees kill me.

Gorgeous view of San Ignacio.

Sea foam green.

This is how far we got on the caretaker's "dome" house at the orphanage before Leah and I left. See the foundation of tires? And all those white bags? We shoveled and wheelbarrowed and mixed in cement and mixed in water and stuffed those all full. Each of the tires has THREE WHEELBARROWS full of dirt pounded into them.
For real.

We called this the Harry Potter house. I swear You-Know-Who is upstairs in the room on the left sitting in an old red chair next to the fireplace.
Gave us the heebie jeebies.

Leah and I brought stuff for glitter toes. I glittered the toes of most of the girls at PEACE camp. They were in heaven.

Eventually we got sick of rolling up our sleeves and sweating through everything anyway, so we cut up our old t-shirts. Aren't they cute? I'll do a DIY to show you all how.

Hammocks are for sale everywhere. How do you choose?

Dirty and tan = good Chaco lines.

This is Sister and EmKo in front of our favorite souvenir shop, Back to my Roots. This is the rendition of the owner, a Rasta man named Carlton.

This is me and Leah with the man himself. Definitely the coolest Rasta we met, although they all are pretty rad. This was on our last day in San Ignacio. He had asked us to come back to say goodbye, so we did and he gave us a "farewell treat," a bracelet the colors of the Belizean flag {blue and white}, a keychain, and a kiss on the cheek.
I blushed.

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