ten things you should know about the belizean bus system

Monday, July 18, 2011

We ride the bus almost daily, which has given me plenty of chances to observe the quirks of the public transport system. In case you were ever curious, here are ten things you should know about buses in Belize.

This is inspired by one of my friends, Erika K. Norton. She wrote her observations on her blog, and I wanted to do my own.

{one} Schedules are approximate. Very tentative. If it says the bus will come at 7:30am, be there at 7. But then again, it may not show up until 8.
{two} The buses are colorful versions of school buses. They've got charm coming out of the wazoo.
{three} It is actually possible to squeeze three or four adults into one seat, especially when leaving the bus terminal and when passing police checkpoints.
{four}It's okay to shove your way on. Everyone does it, so you probably won't get a seat if you don't play dirty.
{five} You pay every time you get on, and the prices are from $1.50 Bze {75 cents} to $10 Bze {$5} depending on the distance.
{six} The driver gets to play his favorite CDs {usually reggae} as loud as his heart desires. Even blasting the iPod doesn't tune it out.
{seven} The best way to catch some shut-eye is to rest your forehead on the seat in front of you, but be ready for sudden jerks or bumps. That window is dang hard.
{eight} There are no stoplights or speed limits. The bus drivers go really, really fast until they see a speed bump in the distance. Then they hit the breaks about 10 feet before. Bus rides often feel more like roller coaster rides.
{nine} The aisle seat is the coveted one.
{ten} They drive with the door open. Always. Unless it's a worker's express with AC, which are much too rare.


P.S. I'll be in the States in two days!


  1. AH I GET TO SEE YOU SO SOON! Oh and then it will be your birthday... whoooooooo hooooooo!

  2. I cracked up with the roller coaster observation :) I bet you can't wait for a simple car ride! :D