Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I didn't work out yesterday. 
I am not going to today.
And I probably won't tomorrow.

Right now I am on a train heading to Kelso, WA.
Being on the train makes me hungry.
And makes me miss europe.
Why are trains in America so much less fun than the ones in Europe?
I want that tasty cart to come by and offer me pastries and fresh bread.
Good thing I brought these goldfish.

I just read the book "The Help" last night.
It was awesome.
I finished it supa fast cause I couldn't put it down.

Posting like this is kind of confusing. 
Like last night while I was watching America's Got Talent.
I don't understand that show AT ALL. 
Then I watched The Voice.
And I was happy.
Cause those people can SING. 

Today I wore real pants for traveling. 
Which is abnormal. 
Normally I wear stretchy pants. 
That are hot pink.

I am tired. 
I would sleep except I have an irrational fear about people stealing my stuff.
All the time.
Out of my car.
Off my person. 
From my house.
Yes I know its crazy.
Hence the word irrational. 

I need some good journaling ideas.
I haven't wrote in like a week. 
I just feel very blah about the entire thing. 

And for now. 
That is all folks. 


  1. I love the voice! Didn't like Christina's picks though! Love dia. I'm eating cookie dough right now... and I'm not working out either.

  2. european train rides are simply magical. i think it's because you know wherever you're going is going to be a new adventure in a new land.
    and i keep hearing about "the help." i need to read this book asap!

  3. Even when you're feeling blah, you came up with a lovely list.