Take pride in the tie.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I think Seventeen magazine would coin this look "saucy school-girl," which would be fine with me. I say, take pride in the tie.

My uncle saw me in the outfit and about choked on his breakfast.

"You're wearing a tie?" He asked. "Why are you wearing a tie when you don't have to? It's like nylons. Why do women wear them if they're uncomfortable and unnecessary?"

Good question, uncle.

Although, there's no way I could last five minutes if that tie was cinched around my neck like the boys have to do it.

I'll keep mine purely as an accessory, thank you.



  1. I am in love with the scenery of this picture. Is this Idaho?!?

  2. Yes -- home sweet home. Isn't it lovely? It's right out our front door.