It's called tact people!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This is me testing the lighting. M is a natural don't you think?
Plus his shirt is too cool for school. 

{Shirt: Somewhere in Vienna, Skirt: Target, Shoes: A.E., Jewelry: A.E.}


Today a boy said, "I really like your skirt, but I don't like that shirt with it."

My response: "Umm... Thanks?"

What my response should have been...

#1. Three different people today have already told me they like my outfit.
#2. Who the heck are you?
#3. And on what planet does that qualify as a compliment?


Here are FIVE things about today that I loved to counter balance that list. 
1. I got to watch Enchanted. 
2. I went to lunch with the loveliest lady.
3. We had a Taco party for dinner and tacos in my book make every thing better.
4. I won ticket to ride. 
5. The sun came out to play. 

Now that I have vented I feel much better. 
Thank you blog world for helping me feel peace. 



  1. i'm LOVING ur braid in ur hair girl - sooooo wish i had thick enough hair to do that!

    *kiss kiss*
    ErikaTiptoe Butterfly~

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  2. Honestly... my hair is about as thin as it gets. I just reverse braid it so it is on the outside!

  3. psh, that boy knows nothin! so glad we went to lunch :)

  4. that kid's on crack. p.s. i'm loving that reverse braid. perhaps you should do a tutorial and teach some peeps to rock it like you?

  5. brissa! I may have to do this. my first tutorial? whoa. Also are you attending the blogegr swap on saturday? cause i think we should meet in real life and be best friends.

  6. I think you're adorable. And next time, don't hesitate to give back a little retort-- people need to learn somehow!

  7. This skirt is so fabulous! I love the color and the texture!

    Ask the Duplex