Baking the night away.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

These puppies are my  new favorite pair of shoes. Thank you goodwil. 


{Headband: Bijou Market, Shirt: Hanes&Thrifted, Pants: Target, Shoes: Thrifted}

Not exactly sure why I decided to tie this shirt... oh well. You live you learn. 
And sorry the lighting was so dark! The night got away from us. 
We were too busy baking. 
I made up a recipe for chicken which was soooooo boss and then we made cookies. 
And rolls. And cinnamon rolls. 

 M's roommate made them for us and they were the most amazing things I have ever had. I wanted 2, but I restrained myself. I should probably work out tomorrow. Probably.


  1. Um, those cinnamon rolls look DIVINE.

    I probably would have had 2... you are more restrained than I!

    PS- your shoes are adorable.

  2. LOVE your shoes! i just thrifted shoes that look really similar. i'm craving a cinnamon roll now...

  3. I adore turbans! I haven't really worn them that much, but they're so cute and make my nasty three days without washing hair look SO much better :)
    ps-the cinnamon rolls look divine