Little Letters

Monday, May 23, 2011

Dear Idaho Sun: Please come out. I refuse to complain about the weather, but I wouldn't mind your sweet kisses on my face.

Dear Kayaks in the Garage: Little sister and I are holding out for you. We're waiting for the sun.

Dear IcyHot: You're lovely, but I won't be using you again on cold days. You left me shivering in sweats.

Dear Costa Vida: Sister is in love with you.

Dear "Delete" Button: I like you better than "Backspace."

Dear TurboFire: I need to get more sleep so you don't kick my bum.

Dear Future Husband: Any day now.

Dear Apple: Please hurry up and fix my computer. I miss it.

Dear Sunrise: I'll be up in time to say hi at least once this week. Promise.

Dear Movie Theater: I wish you had more than one screen.

Dear Laundry on the Line: Thank you for brightening my day and reminding me of Europe.

Dear Summer Sunset: You're confusing little brother. He doesn't understand how it could be 9pm when it looks like 6pm.

Dear John Denver: "Leavin' on a Jet Plane" will always make me weak in the knees.

Dear World: You're beautiful and lovely and beyond incredible. I heart you.


  1. oh porter! i can sooooo see him looking all cute and being confused why it is so bright outside.

  2. Haha!!!! I totally agree! Porter can have quite the 'tude. Then again...he mistook me that one time for being Asian...what a cutie pie :D <3

  3. Haha I don't remember him thinking you were Asian!