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Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm going to make these with the cuties at home.
I'm excited to be home for Easter for the first time since high school!

We have a lot of funny pictures from past Easters--
grumpy morning faces because the kids are mad their basket was too hard to find.
Usually the older the child, the more deeply hidden the basket was,
which also means...
the older the child, the grumpier the face.
At this point, I'm embarrassed to say I'm the oldest.
Thank goodness teenage hormones are in my past.

What do you do on Easter?
I have a list of traditions I want to have for my own family someday.

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  1. Hahaha mom and I made a deal. She's had a giant chocolate bunny sitting on the table and it's taken everything inside me to resist a tiny nibble on it's foot. So mom said I could take a bite if she didn't have to do baskets so I told her instead of that, just don't hide the baskets. So. I ate the foot. And she's not hiding my d*&# basket. Win win. That is the worst tradition in the world.

  2. I'm actually trying to come up with traditions myself! For right now: confetti egg throwing, easter basket giving, candy gorging, easter dinner, and putting everything we learned that easter from church into a plastic egg and opening it next year :)

  3. When I was younger my mom would always take us out to get a new Easter dress. I love looking back at pictures of little-me spinning around in the front yard with an Easter basket in hand.

    You know it's a good Easter dress if it spins.