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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Harley found these. I think it's the loveliest thing I've seen all week, and now I'm wondering why wasn't it me who came up with embroidered book covers? Via.

Are words even needed? Via.

Oh my GOSH. Via.

I die. I'm not one for bold, straight lines. Give me anything organic and flowing; that's my style. What's yours? Via.

I know Valentine's Day was last month, but this is so pretty. Now I want to whip out the craft stuff and send someone a love letter. Via.

1. Camilla Belle is stunning. 2. This is my favorite color in the world--icy, smoky blue. Via.

This is a weird shot because it was sent to my email, but how wonderful is that bed? Via.

Again, the organic. What's your style? Via.

This website is full of these adorable illustrated recipe cards, go look! Via.

This makes me yearn for all things summer. Those leaves, the door thrown open, the flowing dress. Via.


Harley is with Boy today, and I'm planning on baking up a storm in the kitchen before No Sugar starts again. What lovely things are you going to do today?

As for yesterday...

The newspaper staff pranked a few people; we did the first ever "Scratch 'n' Sniff" edition of the paper. Ha.

Did you get April Fooled?


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  1. i love this series! and that last photos in particular has me swooning.