What are your plans?

Friday, March 18, 2011

I think I'm going to plan a tea party. Who wants to come? Via.

This might be the prettiest couple I've ever seen. And I love this photo. P.S. This is the girl photographed for the Bridal Guide with the dress that we all have been drooling over! Via.

Harley and I really like dresses. Like, a lot. And we like polaroids {this one is, even if you can't tell}. Via.

Any words besides...magical? Via.

So cute! Love the dusty rose. Via.

Where is this and when can I go? I'm so ready for summer. Via.

I love everything about this. Bike, her hair, the country in the background {and obviously her dress -- that one's a given}. Look at the whole shoot; it's totally dreamy! Via.

Harley found this. We're so in love. Via.

So colorful! I love Anthro, but this would be super duper easy to make. Am I right? Via.

Cute home decor. Harley and I can't wait to each have darling little houses of our own to decorate to our hearts' desire. Mmmm. Via.


  1. I would come. and I also can't wait till I can decorate my own place too!

  2. I want that book tree. So bad.

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