Goals ::

Jane's 22 before 23:
1. Make an Instagram journal
2. See D.C. at Christmas
3. Read 15 books
4. Do 100 pushups in a row
5. Run a 5K
6. Read Pride and Prejudice
7. Buy Hunter boots
8. Take pictures of my mom
9. Remember everyone's birthdays
10. Play the piano in church
11. Read a biography/personal memoir
12. Graduate
13. Learn the art of palm reading
14. Kiss someone
15. Embroider something
16. Surprise someone
17. Get certified to teach aerobics
18. Leave a note for a stranger
19. Learn how to play volleyball and soccer from Cady and Porter
20. Complete one of Elsie's e-courses
21. Lose 2% body fat
22. Run a half marathon
1. Finish one large Moleskin Journal
2. Visit three new places (Germany, Sweden, ?)
3. Pay off all debt
4. Read the Book of Mormon
5. Take an improv class at second city
6. Go to the Field Museum
7. Be less sarcastic
8. Speak better Danish
9. Complete one sewing project
10. Prioritize breakfast
11. Read a newspaper cover to cover
12. Remember every family members birthday and give a thoughtful gift
13. Read one book a month
14. Complete the New Weight Lifting for Women work out series
15. Get in bed by 10:30 on work nights
16. Sign a petition
17. Work on being a more positive person
18. Start wearing contacts
19. Take someone to lunch
20. Call my mom at least once a week
21. Print more pictures
22. Make a photo book of our second year of marriage
23. Get some new art for our apartment
24. Do something special for Michael monthly

Harley's completed 23 before 24

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